Backyard Permaculture - or how will we fill our shopping carts in the future

27 April 2018, 19h-21h

Presentation by Bernhard Gruber, founder of the Austrian Forest Garden Institute, author, and permaculture activist.

Permaculture is not only a planning system limited to gardens or agriculture, but it is a complex, living system that becomes a lifestyle for many people.  Without a permanent culture a society cannot survive.  The goal of permaculture is the creation of cultivated ecosystems and to live from nature's surpluses. 

Berhard Gruber will discuss topics ranging from permaculture planning concepts to possibilities for both backyard and larger-scale agricultural permaculture, as well as other alternatives like forest gardening and the use of carbon farming (bio-char).  He will also talk about his own experiences and projects, including those in Africa.  Let him motivate you to try new things or simply reinforce what you are already doing!

€10/person (€5 for participants of the Pizza & Bread Oven Building Workshop on 28 April 2018)

Pre-registration not required.

*This presentation will be in German!

Pizza & Bread Oven Building Workshop

28 April 2018, 9h-17h30

In this workshop Berhard Gruber will lead us in building an outdoor oven out of natural materials.  Build with us!

In the theoretical part of the workshop, Berhard Gruber will go over the history of bread ovens and tell us about various types of ovens.  We will discuss how to build this type of oven and material samples will be prepared.  In the practical part of the workshop Berhard will take us step by step through the process of building a bread oven, so that with a little skill every workshop participant can make their own bread or pizza oven at their own house.

Bernhard Gruber is the founder of the Austrian Forest Garden Institute, author, and permaculture activist.

10-14 participants: €90/person

15-19 participants: €75/person

20-24 participants: €60/person

Price includes lunch and snacks!


** This workshop will be held in German!



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