Our Farm

Located at about 630 meters above sea level and about a mile from the center of the village of Möllbrücke, our farm lies on the sunny southern slope of the Reißeck mountain range.  We share this land with cows, sheep, chickens, rabbits, and cats, not to mention all the wild creatures!


Our Vision:

Our vision is to be a productive, diversified, and economically and ecologically sustainable family farm, which actively works to increase biodiversity, support land regeneration, and foster connection of people of all ages and backgrounds to each other and to the land.

Our Mission:

  • To repair, maintain, and improve the farm’s ecosystems and wildlife habitat, and to use sustainable and regenerative farming and forestry methods
  • To grow and provide nutrient-rich fruit, vegetables, and herbs, as well as healthy and compassionately-raised animals and animal products, for ourselves, on-farm visitors, and the local community
  • To develop, offer, and support on-farm educational, agricultural, and vacation opportunities in order to:
    • help people develop a deeper understanding of and connection with the land and its abundance (food, medicine, energy and building resources, wildlife, ecosystems, etc).
    • help people develop greater compassion for and connection with other people, especially across cultural, linguistic, political, economic and other boundaries.
    • encourage and support personal growth
  • To develop an allotment garden for people without access to land, or for those who enjoy gardening/working in community