Pastured Poultry

Our chickens and turkeys eat a lot of what they were meant to:  grass and bugs!  Our birds live most of their life outside in coops that protect them from predators, give them shade and protection from the elements, but also allow them access to grass, sunshine, and fresh air.  We move their coops once or twice a day to fresh pasture and we supplement their diet with a certified organic grain mix.


Pre-Ordering Poultry

Our chicken and turkey is all available by pre-order so that you can make sure to get your delicious poultry on the dates that you want.

Anything we do not pre-sell will be available for purchase during our farm shop opening hours.  

(Please see our opening hours for exact times and dates).


Important Information:

  • Chickens are available whole, and we will halve them or cut them up for you for a small extra fee.
  • Turkeys are available whole as well as by the half. If you order a whole turkey, we will cut it in half for you at no extra charge, or cut it up into pieces for you for a small extra fee.



Now you can easily order your

chicken right here!




For pick-up on the farm in Möllbrücke:

For pick-up in Salzburg: