Welcome to our farm!

Grow Together Farm is a small, diversified family farm overlooking the village of Möllbrücke in southern Austria.  

We grow pastured-raised chickens for meat and eggs, turkeys, grass-fed cattle, vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers.  

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Stewing hens and turkeys!

9 October
22 November

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Our hens are laying - come by anytime for farm fresh eggs!

Our chickens and eggs are certified organic!


Our organic, free-range eggs are now also available at Naturkostladen Chili in Spittal an der Drau!


Chicken pick-up dates for 2018

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Pre-Ordering Pastured Poultry

Click here for information on pre-ordering chicken and turkey, to make sure you get what you want, when you want it!

2018 poultry pick-up dates have been set!


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